Our education has helped organizations all over the world better tune and manage their data platforms. 

WOW, just WOW! I’ve already sent a lot of good tips and tricks to my VMware admin (HBA queue depth, proper usage of resource pools). Thank you!

Dirk H.

The VMware course helped us refine our SQL Server data platform reference architecture, which meant all servers, including Tier-0, are now moving towards 100% virtualization with bare metal performance. We never could successfully virtualize our big servers before this course. I couldn’t be happier!

Tanner P.

The right-sizing techniques for our large virtual SQL Server environment reduced our licensing footprint by over $30M USD and made each server much faster in the process. I just received a promotion because of it! THANK YOU!

Nishant E.

David’s class was well worth more than the cost. There’s literally nowhere else where one instructor, and an instructor of David’s caliber, goes through the entire system bottom to top in one single course.

Anthony S.

David’s class has helped fill the gaps between DBAs and VMware Admins on our team in both knowledge and communication. We’ve already implemented the CPU and storage tweaks in our environment, and have seen 5x storage latency improvement and saved over $195k in licensing. Thank you!

Ali F.

Worth every penny spent for training with David Klee. Since it’s on-demand and step-by-step, I can go back and cover topics new to me more than once.

Brian C.

After purchasing other online training from multiple sources, I can easily say hands-down this is the best guide to come away with actionable take-aways to improve overall system performance.

Chad A.

I finished David’s course and it was fantastic. David is an expert on both SQL Server and Virtualization, and knows how to communicate that expertise in an organized fashion.

Kenneth R.

This class is invaluable for anyone that wants to have a positive impact on their career. I now have a better understanding of both SQL Server and Virtualization.

Ryan K.

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